Top 4 Reasons Why You Need to Find an Architect Who is Experienced in Your Area: 4 Costly Mistakes in Hiring the Wrong Architects

by | Jun 18, 2024 | Investment | 0 comments

One of the most important decisions you make while embarking on building or reconstruction is who you engage to project your dream building. The search phrase “architects near me” is not just a cliché; you want to hire a professional who knows the local landscape, regulations, and design peculiarities.


4 Costly Mistakes in Hiring the Wrong Architects 

At Architest, we take pride in our unique value proposition. First, we work hard. We listen. We are both “yes” people and “no” people. We start with project management, progress to an architecture office, and finish in the interior design office. We are friendly but adhere to a zero-bullshit policy. We believe that hiring an architect nearby can help you avoid five expensive mistakes.


#1. Misinterpreting Local Building Codes:

Local architects do more than just design; they navigate you through the local authorities’ complex building codes and zoning rules. Therefore, an architect from another area may lack daily practice and draft a blueprint that won’t meet local standards. This results in a delay and a redrafting at a much higher rate.


#2. Additional Travel and Management Costs:

Hiring architects that do not reside in the vicinity will inevitably lead to other costs. Travelling back and forth can be quite expensive, and supervising a project from a distance may take more time, which could prolong its period and cost you more. Local architects may also pay more attention to the project and intervene promptly when necessary, which could speed up the process and ensure that all initiatives are in line with the budget. Furthermore, local architects are likely to have connections with other workers in the area, which could mean lower prices, higher-quality materials, and more efficient work.


#3. Unaligned Design Aesthetics:

Each community has specific design preferences and characteristics; experienced architects in that area are more likely to incorporate community style into the project. This will increase the appeal factor and maintain property and protocol in the area. Furthermore, working with architects who do not live nearby can mean that they will have no idea what is trending or essential in the area; hence, they will generate a design that the locals will not appreciate.


#4. No Local Connections:

The local architects have more connections who can realise your work quickly. They can recommend reputable constructors, help identify the best materials, and assure you of high-quality facilities. Independent architects may spend a lot of money and time looking for trustworthy constructors and materials, which will most likely be of low quality.


When you search the internet for “architects near me,” you seek a specialist who has practiced the job. He or she understands the work that is to be done and will devote all energy to listening to your needs. That is the person you want to work with, and we at Architest get it. The amount of legislative and practical knowledge we have built into our completed projects over the 25 years of our work in the community means that we are uniquely qualified to get your project rolling. Book your consultation now! Visit or email us at or call (+613 9429 2791).