Mockups save time and money

by | Jun 5, 2023 | Investment | 0 comments

When it comes to construction there are a lot of variables that can be overlooked on simple 2D or even 3D plans. So when it came time to redevelop the Shepparton Law courts, Architectus (similar name but no relative!) approached us to build a full model of their proposed design in our warehouse in Abbotsford.

The result? We had several hundred people through to view the model, which was complete with all furniture, joinery and fixtures. We had supreme court judges, county court judges even the chief magistrate through to view the room, and all of their suggested design changes were implemented on the spot. It resulted in significant design changes and ultimately in a more usable space that was safer for witnesses, more comfortable for support staff and jurors and allowed clearer lines of site for all judicial staff. A great result.

“To be able to see how the space works and areas that may need adjustment has been very important and very helpful.”

Mockups in general are a great way to test your ideas. Until now they have been costly and very labour intensive, and once they are built cannot be amended without substantial additional fees and labour. At Architest we have developed a system whereby we can deliver quick turn around, cost effective and light weight models, that can be amended, changed or added to instantly.

This is why we are a preferred supplier to a number of state bodies such as The Department of Justice, The Department of Youth Justice, The Department of Health and the Education Department, and have undertaken projects from Prisons, Hospitals as well as dozens of residential projects for our own Architectural clients.