Working Internationally

by | Jun 5, 2023 | Investment | 0 comments

As architects we are often approached by international clients to undertake projects both locally and abroad.

Working with clients that are base overseas does come with its own set of unique challenges, but it’s nothing that good time management and even better systems can’t overcome.

“Working with Architest from our home in America on our new home in Camberwell has been seamless and simple.”

The Process

As with every Architectural project that we undertake our process remains the same. We follow our 3 core design stages. Schematic Design. Design Development. Construction Documentation.

The key change to our standard client presentations is that we conduct all our meetings online. We share screens via Skype calls, and can present plans, 3D model walk throughs, brief response documents and rationales very simply through video conferencing. Its not as much fun as being offered a coffee in our offices, but the process works perfectly.

But what about construction?

“Do you want to take a video of this? – Builder.”

Our project management during construction follows the same process that we would if the client was living next door. We conduct weekly site meetings with the builder, and generate reports for the client with photos of all updates and progress on site. Should we need to discuss anything on site with the client we simply have a video call and show them the issues, and everything gets resolved immediately. There is no down time, no waiting for emails, and we ensure our site visits are timed so we are not waking people up in the middle of the night. It’s simple.

Having undertaken local projects for clients based in New York, San Francisco and London as well as design and project management for Melbourne based clients for their projects in India, throughout Asia and all over Australia, we are well versed in working across borders and time zones.

If you are based over seas or have a project off shore and would like to discuss your ideas with us, please feel free to drop us a line.