All the Benefits of Having an Interior Designer & Architect Working Together on Your Renovation Projects  

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This brings the best out of your renovation project. Firstly, as a client, you will be able to maximise the benefits that come with maximising the value addition of your home renovation by incorporating both structural design and interior design. Second, it ensures that your project is highly optimized in terms of functionality, time, and space while ensuring that the process is seamless. At Architest, we understand the full value that comes with this approach; hence, we have it as part of our offering in our renovation architecture services—combining both designers and architects provides a wholesome approach to your renovation project. The integrated approach to offering this is the critical value our clients enjoy. First and foremost is the seamless integration of forms and functions. On the one hand, architects design the space not only from an aesthetic and budgetary perspective but also from a structural perspective, ensuring optimal usage and the maximum possible space.


Unify Beauty & Functionality: Interior Designer & Architect Collaboration


Interior designers, on the other hand, enhance its usability while perfecting its aesthetics. When both are at work, both aspects work in sync. The outcomes are not only a beautiful space but also a practical space that suits your lifestyle best. For instance, Architest has architects and interior designers who work together, making your ideas come into reality. Another crucial reason to have both an interior designer and a renovation architect is the cost-efficient and time-effective nature of the whole planning and implementation process. Indeed, when professionals collaborate from the beginning, they can detect any possible hazards in advance and thus avoid expensive errors and hold-ups. This comprehensive plan helps reduce the cost of the plan to a bare minimum while ensuring its successful on-time execution. Architest stresses honest business models, primarily with respect to the customer’s budget, allowing them to make the most out of the financial investment.


Seamless Collaboration: Architect & Interior Designer


As for the consistency and Flow Factor, a consistent make-up in any renovation project is a vital factor, and having an architect and interior designer allows a solid design between the architectural and the interior design. Our interior design consultation is working with our architectural design team on the project to ensure it reflects your views and concepts, making it a consistent design. This collaboration ensures that family homes renovated this way not only look really good but also maintain a cohesive and consistent design throughout the space. For better client communication, a combination of our interior design services and architectural design practice under one roof makes communication more comfortable. It’s the optimal choice where all teams can understand the customer’s vision and project specifications.


Don’t Just Renovate, Reimagine: Get Started with Architest’s Design Duo!


There are many niches where the synergy of an interior designer and a renovation architect can bring discernible value, from creative thinking and innovation to budget optimisation and integrated design. Architest recognises the quality of such collaboration and provides holistic assistance involving both architectural and interior design consultancy. Investing in Architest’s service is more than hiring professionals for your renovation; it’s an opportunity to get a partner who will help you realise your design vision with integrity and attention to the essentials. Book your consultation now – visit or email us at or call (+613 9429 2791).